Project Results

The main results of BGame are:

  1. To understand the use and the impact of virtual games in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), in Portugal, Spain and Austria and analyse the skills necessary for Business Trainers to use innovative learning tools, such as virtual games, in their strategic management training actions;
  2. To develop 8 game scenarios for BGame virtual game ( Paper Mill, Orange Juice, Cupcake, Heatpump, Canned Soup, Energetic Drinks, Clothes & Brewery);
  3. To develop a Trainer's Guide - with notes regarding each game scenario, how to play the game and how to approach the topics of the training resources - and a set of Training Resources on topics related with Strategic Management;
  4.  To train 24 trainers (with business/entrepreneurship background ) using BGame resources.


The resources used for achieving the above-mentioned results can be downloaded below: