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In everyday business, entrepreneurs and business employees are facing fierce competition and fight for being the best at responding to their customer’s needs. These principles have led BGame partners through the design process of creating a strategic management game for companies, more specifically for their employees, that simulates how to effectively manage a company on the competitive market, while is also providing efficient and relevant learning.

With a promise of creating an immersive experience in an entrepreneurial environment, BGame is based on business scenarios (based on real-life industrial companies) that will lead players towards achieving successfully their business goal (highest revenue or highest market share, for example) and experiencing the consequences of taking a given action along the way in a risk-free environment. Moreover, players can make decisions, and through experimentation, can actively learn and practice the right way to do things, while also being highly engaged in practising behaviours and thought processes that can easily be transferred from the simulated environment to real life. It is with games, such as BGame that companies can rapidly see and understand the connection between the learning experience and the real-life work.

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