The 5 benefits of virtual games

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Over the past years, virtual gaming for companies, or simply “gamification” has proven to be very successful in engaging people and motivating them to change their behaviours, develop skills and competences or simply solve (complex) problems.

As companies become more focused on business objectives, virtual games can help make the workplace more engaging and productive. However, for those that still remain skeptical about bringing games into companies and about the benefits that they bring, you might want to read the following bullet points:

  • It does bring benefits such as increasing engagement (games that entail scores, trophies and leadership frameworks result in faster and fun learning) and enhanced motivation of workers (employees become more motivated when they know clearly and objectively what goals need to be achieved);
  • It contributes to the retention of knowledge;
  • Promotes the participation, communication and strategic management between teams;
  • Enables workers to practice taking decisions in risk-free environments;
  • Finally, the adoption of virtual gaming helps the company to retain its talents and avoid the much-feared turnover, which, depending on the segment and the business area, is usually quite high.

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