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SUI, or Start-Up Internationalization, is the name of the European initiative that is financed by the European Commission, under the Erasmus+ programme, and that is assisting start-ups to gain more knowledge about how to internationalise their businesses.

The goal of this project is very clear – through an innovative online learning platform – European start-ups gain access to interesting resources and contents that approach the topic of internationalization in a very engaging learning process. Some of the topics are “Benefits of internationalization for Start-ups”, where a summary of the basics of the internationalization process and its applications in the real world is presented, along with a conceptual overview of the learning journey before entering deeper into the course details, examples and practical activities, “Right here, Right Now: Defining your position”, where the current position of the start-up as a business is explored, taking some time to work through some vital concepts and some familiar  processes  and  tools  that will help the learner to reflect  about  the  path  ahead  for  internationalization, and “Market finding: Choosing and Schmoozing”, where we invite users to look  at  the  differences between  markets, the  processes  and  decisions required  and  using  case  studies  we  will  explain  the  importance of  choosing  the  right  one  and identifying your no-go-zone.

These are just some of the modules that can be found in SUI’s learning platform, available here for free, just for you – With SUI and with this course, we wanted to create a resource that gives people the opportunity to learn beforehand – so they know how to prepare and feel comfortable and confident so that when the time comes they will know what to do. And we hope it is a good starting point for you.

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