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BGame – What is all about?

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bGame is an European initiative, funded by the European Commission, that gathers a team of experts in entrepreneurship and ICT to design and develop a Virtual Game for SMEs on Strategic Management. This Virtual Game will give the player the possibility to choose between 8 different company scenarios (e.g. canned soup factory or clothes producing company) and open new offices in other locations (can be national – different cities – or international). Of course the final objective of the game is to increase profits or to have the biggest market share, depending on the type of company, but ultimately the goal is to be the best!
This Virtual Game, or bGame as we call it, will be completed with a set of learning resources that will provide further information to the player on the topics that are approached in the game. For the game to run, players have to make decisions on a wide variety of topics, such as foreign market selection, marketing and advertisement, human resources management, finances, etc, and these learning resources will focus exactly on these topics. This way, the player is learning within the game environment.
At this moment, the partnership is testing the scenarios and developing the learning resources, but once bGame is ready for release, we will be delighted to invite you to play it in your own company! So keep in touch for more information about bGame!

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