Learn. Play. Share.

Online or Virtual Games for Strategic Management or Business Simulators are especially useful for skill development. Rather than offering traditional paper-based or online static courses, Virtual Games can offer an incredibly immersive and engaging environment where users ‘learn by doing’.

Bearing this in mind, a partnership of European entrepreneurship enthusiasts has gathered to develop BGame, an innovative European-funded project in which serious gaming and virtual reality are used to improve skills needed in the 21st-century companies.

The objective is to develop an innovative learning tool, the BGame game, where players (managers, representatives from SMEs and entrepreneurs) can select among 8 business scenarios and lead their company towards successful internationalization. The game is complemented with e-learning resources that help players to take decisions in any round as it presents a detailed explanation of the topics of the game, such as strategic management, international marketing, foreign markets, finances, among others.